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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Support of dependents

The Reward of Breadwinning Mother for Spending on her Family

Is the breadwinning mother-divorced, widowed, or married but not supported by husband-rewarded for spending on her family?

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Ruling on Wealth Given by Child to Father and Ruling on Claiming it

What is the ruling of Sharia on the wealth a child gives to his/her father, claiming it while the latter is alive or dead, and the wealth that one of the spouses gives to the other?

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Father is Obliged to Cover Child`s Educational Expenses

Is the father obliged to cover the expenses of his child`s university education?

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Spending on Parents and Serving them is an Obligation on all Children

Is serving, housing and spending on parents required only from male children or all children; males and females?

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Ruling on Accommodating two Wives in one House

I have two wives and used to accommodate each in a separate house. After I was laid off from work, I couldn`t afford to keep each in a separate house, so I rented one house and gave each a separate room with separate facilities. What is the ruling of Sharia on that?

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Husband`s Control of Wife`s Salary

What is the Islamic ruling when the husband takes his wife`s salary to cover household expenses?

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Conditions that must be Met within Wife’s Accommodation

What are the attributes of wife’s accommodation?

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Parental Rights on Children

What are the duties of the sons and the daughters towards their parents?

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Alimony is due on the Husband from the Date of Contract Is it obligatory to pay Zakat-ul-fitr on behalf of the fiancée whose marital contract was concluded ? • Read More
The Religious Framing of a Woman's Alimony during Iddah

Is the alimony of a divorced woman originally derived from Sharia or from a number of civil laws applied in Islamic courts?

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Is there any Financial Obligation on the Married Daughter to her Parents?

Is  there any financial obligation on a married daughter to her parents, knowing that she helps them without husband`s knowledge to avoid disputes where she pays them from her own salary, which she uses to coverthe household expenses?

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Is it the Right of the Son or Daughter to Claim Compensation for not having Completed University Studies?

Is it permissible for the married daughter to ask her father to give her a financial compensation because she didn`t complete her university studies although she got married voluntarily?

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Is it incumbent on a husband to pay the alimony of his wife if she had left him and stayed at her parent`s without his permission? • Read More
Providing for one`s Wife and Daughter

What is the ruling of Sharia on the father who refuses to provide for his wife and daughter although he has sufficient financial capacity? Also, what is the ruling on providing them with adequate accommodation to secure their future? This is knowing that the daughter works in a hospital.

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Wife isn`t Obliged to Help with Brother-in-Law`s Marriage Expenses

I am a married woman. I had to work because my husband can`t afford our basic needs. After I got the job, my mother-in-law started asking me for money. Recently, she asked me to help with the marriage expenses of my brother-in-law. Moreover, my husband and I live in a rented house and he is liable for several debts. Is what she is asking of me permissible from an Islamic perspective?

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