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Fatawaa - Search Sections - "Wills and Obligations"in Inheritance

The Expenses of Dividing the Inheritance are Deducted from the Heirs according to their Respective Shares

A piece of land jointly owned by several heirs was sold through a broker. Should the broker's fee be deducted from the sale price before dividing the amount among the heirs, considering that one of the heirs (the stepmother) passed away and her heirs weren`t informed about the broker's fee?

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Expenses Spent on Estate should be Shouldered by Heirs according to their Shares

How should the expenses spent on my late father`s estate be divided amongst his heirs before the division of the estate? Should they be shouldered equally or according to the shares prescribed in Sharia?

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Heirs are Obliged to Divide the Estate according to the Rules of Sharia

A Muslim physician working in Germany has passed away leaving a father, a mother, two daughters and two sons. The German government gave half of his estate to the wife and the other half to the children; one eighth for each, and deprived the parents. The latter are claiming their share of the estate. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Difference in Religion is an Obstacle to Inheritance

Does a non-Muslim wife inherit her Muslim husband? In addition, does she inherit him if she embraced Islam after his death?

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Islamic Ruling on Legal Heir Claiming Share of the Estate
What is the ruling of Sharia on claiming my share of the estate? What is the ruling on refusing the idea of dividing the estate by some of the heirs although I`m in dire need for my share? Is claiming the division of the estate considered disobedience to my mother?
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Paying off Deceased`s Debts and Financial Obligations from his/her Estate is Obligatory

My father passed away and was indebted to different individuals. Amongst the claims were water bills that he didn`t pay off during his lifetime. Are we required to pay them off to clear him from liability before Almighty Allah?

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Debt Guarantee on Behalf of Deceased is Determined by Form of Guarantee

My father passed away, and being his oldest son, I was asked to guarantee settling the debt that he owed and I agreed, as I was overwhelmed with grief. Am I liable for settling that debt on his behalf?


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Ruling on Revoking a Waiver

Is it permissible for an heir to revoke a waiver after it has been concluded?

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Heirs` Right to Trade`s Name and Mark is Inalienable

My father who owned a famous commercial industrial company, which had a grand name and products in the market, passed away. As a result, the estate was divided among the heirs, but the females were denied their sharein the value of the trade`s name and mark as well as the factory; contrary to the males. Do the females have the right to claim their share from the value of the trade`s name and mark, in addition to other brand names?

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Denying Females Share in Inheritance is Consuming their Wealth Unjustly

What`s the ruling on denying females share in inheritance?

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Testator isn`t at Liberty to Donate Revenue of Heirs` Business

A man, who owned a barber shop, bequeathed by will some of his wealth to a non-heir. Is the latter entitled to receive a share from the revenue of that shop similar to the heirs of the deceased?

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Deceased`s Condition in Bequest should be Fulfilled

Is it valid to bequeath a specific amount from one`s estate to be given as monthly payment over ten years?

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Passed away while Indebted to a Usurious Bank

My father passed away while he was indebted to a usurious bank; however, an insurance company paid it off. Does this make him free from the liability before Allah, knowing that some of his heirs were planning to pay it off because, in principle, it is unlawful and must be defrayed?

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Is it Permissible to Make up for the Deceased`s Missed Prayer, Fast and Alms?

My father passed away, but he didn`t use to pray, pay alms, nor fast, and he also kept his money as a deposit in a usurious bank. What should we do to make up for that?

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Received Social Security Benefits although Subscribed with Unlawful Money

What is the ruling of Sharia on receiving my late father`s social security benefits since he used to work for Jordan Tobacco and Cigarettes Manufacturing Company?

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