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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Aqeeqah, Udhihiah and other Slaughtered Animals

Islamic Ruling on Purchasing a Cooked "Aqiqah"

Is it acceptable to perform the 'Aqiqah' for a male child by sacrificing the first sheep, distributing its meat, and bringing the second sheep already cooked and prepared from a restaurant?

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Buying Udhiyah or Aqiqah through Companies Involves Different Cases

What is the ruling of Sharia on purchasing Udhiyah or Aqiqah through private companies along with authorizing them to carry out the slaughtering and distribution?

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Ruling on Buying Udhiyah Using a Credit Card

What is the ruling of Sharia on buying Udhiyah by installments using a credit card where the buyer pays three installments to the bank without any interest?

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Islamic Ruling on Hunting with Bullets

I have read that according to the Shafii Madhab (School of Islamic thought) it is not permissible to hunt with bullets because it is considered similar to killing with a heavy object (like a bludgeon). How valid is this view and is there a distinction between bullets used in the past and those used in the present?

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Obligatory Conditions for Halal Slaughtering

What are the obligatory conditions for halal slaughtering? Is it permissible to shackle the animal from its hind leg before slaughtering, as practiced by modern slaughterhouses, and then slaughter it while its head is down? It is worth pointing that the animals can`t see other animals being slaughtered. 

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Ruling on Invoking Allah through Sacrifices and Acts of Devotion with the Intention of Seeking Relief from Worry and Grief

What is the ruling of Sharia on slaughtering a sheep or a she-camel with the intention of seeking relief from worry and grief?

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Responsibility of a Charity in Case Udhiyah Meat has Spoilt after Slaughtering

What are the consequential rulings in case Udhiyah meat has spoilt after slaughtering i.e. during packing, shipping or storing, and for reasons beyond charity`s control?

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Ruling on Purchasing Udhiyah with Specific Characteristics along with Delegating Someone with the Slaughtering

Our Company sells Udhiyahs annually, but this year we decided to deliver them to their owners in slaughtered form. In other words, the owners will neither select nor slaughter the animals. After the animals are slaughtered, they are delivered, as meat, to their owners. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Selling Sacrificial Animals that have Specific Characteristics and Appointing a Person or a Company to do the Slaughtering

Some malls and butchers sell sacrificial animals before Eid ul Adha for a specific price and with specific characteristics in terms of weight and type of meat, but without specifying a particular animal. On the day of Eid, the person on whose behalf the sacrificial animal was slaughtered goes to collect it from the slaughterhouse. Is this sacrifice valid or not? On the other hand, when can the person who had appointed a charity to offer the sacrificial animal on his behalf get his hair cut and nails pared as he doesn`t know when the animal was slaughtered?

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Some Forbidden Forms of Disposing of Sick Chickens

What is the ruling of Sharia on disposing of sick chickens by grinding them in the garbage truck, as has been recently circulated via social media?

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Ruling on Selling the Blood of Udhiyah

What is the Islamic ruling on selling the blood of Udhiyah (Sacrificial animal) to fertilizer factories?

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Ruling of Sharia on Selling Part of Udhiyah (Skin and other)

What is the ruling of Sharia on selling part of Udhiyah, such as the skin and other?

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Ruling on Selling Sheep by Kilo after Slaughtering

Is it permissible to reach an agreement with a butcher whereby an animal is bought by the weight of its meat after being slaughtered. For example, buying a cow by the weight of its meat after being slaughtered against a certain price for the kilo. If we assume that this transaction is valid, what is the ruling on following this same method to buy an Udhiyah?

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It is Lawful to Eat the Meat of the Animal Slaughtered by Christians and Jews in the Islamic Form

My brother is about to leave to Germany. When he settles there, is it permissible for him to eat in restaurants after making sure that they don`t serve pork? Also, is he allowed to buy chicken and meat from shops?

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Islam Forbids Torturing Animals before Slaughtering

Could you clarify the Islamic ruling on the way an animal is controlled prior to slaughtering it with a dull knife as well as slaughtering animals in front of each other?

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