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Islamic Ruling on Praying Alone behind the Row (Congregation)

Is the prayer of the person standing by himself behind the row considered invalid?

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The Method of Performing Ruku' and Sujud, when Praying Voluntary Prayers Sitting down, for the Person Capable of Standing

When someone who is capable of standing prays voluntary prayers while sitting or lying down, should they perform the bowing (Ruku') and prostration (Sujud) in the complete manner, just as they would if they were standing?

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Islamic Ruling on the Prayer of the Person whose Mind is Impaired

Is prayer obligatory for an elderly woman who is suffering from memory loss, taking into consideration the fact that family members assist her in the prayer's tenets?

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Islamic Ruling on Woman Covering her Face and Hands in Prayer

Is a woman required to uncover her hands or fingers during the Tashahhud in prayer?

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Reciting Al-Fatiha with its Entire Letters is an Obligation in Obligatory Standing (Qiyam)

Some prayer performers start reciting Al-Fatiha when rising for the next Rak'ah before fully standing upright. Consequently, the phrase (Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem) or a part of it may occur before completing the standing position. Is their prayer valid?

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Islamic Ruling on Prolonging Qunut Supplication during Fajr Prayer

What is the ruling of Sharia on prolonging Qunut supplication during Fajr prayer?

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Islamic Ruling on Resuming the Recitation of Al-Fatihah by the Person Appointed to Take over as Imam

If a reason arises and prevents the Imam from completing the prayer, should the person appointed to take over as Imam (Substitute Imam) continue the recitation of Al-Fatehah from the point where the first Imam had stopped or should he recite it from the beginning?

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Islamic Ruling on Combining two Prayers due to the Nature of Work

Is it allowed for a doctor who is performing a surgical operation that lasts for several hours to combine two prayers?

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Ruling on the Discerning Young Boy Leading Prayer

Recently, we have noticed the phenomenon of young boys with beautiful voices leading prayers in mosques. Is there a specific age for an Imam (One who leads people in prayer)?

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Islamic Ruling on one who Prays while under the Influence of Drugs

What is the ruling of Islam on the one who prays while under the influence of drugs, but still aware of what they are doing. Is their prayer valid?

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Ruling on the Call "Taraweeh may Allah Reward you" and doing Thikr between its Rakhas

What is the ruling of Sharia when the Imam calls to Taraweeh prayer by saying : "Taraweeh may Allah reward you" and what is the ruling on doing Thikr between its Rakhas?

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Ruling on Having a Piece of Candy in one`s Mouth when Praying

Is the prayer of the one praying alone or in congregation while having a piece of candy in their mouth considered valid or not?

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Ruling on Following the Imam Leading the Prayer while Sitting

I work as an Imam and since I have sustained a back injury, I lead the prayer while sitting on a chair and can`t make ruku or sujud. What is the ruling of Sharia on my prayer and that of those praying behind me?

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Ruling on Deviating from Qibla while Praying

We are a team that works on a drilling rig in the Dead Sea area. We work different shifts six days a week. Unfortunately, we can`t stop the rig at prayer time and it moves half a circle left and right. It deviates (45) degrees right and left from the direction of the Qibla, so it becomes impossible for us to pray towards the Qibla because the rig keeps rotating. How can we pray while on this rig?

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Ruling on Holding Multiple Congregations Concurrently for the Same Prayer in the Same Mosque

What is the ruling of Sharia on holding more than one congregation concurrently for the same prayer in the same mosque?

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