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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Voluntary Charity/Alms

Taking Back Money Given to a Rich Beggar I have given some money to a beggar, but I found out that she was rich. Therefore, my daughter tricked her and managed to take that money back. What is the Islamic ruling on what my daughter has done? • Read More
Encouraging People to Donate and Take Charitable Initiatives We are launching a charitable initiative where customers of shops leave some money to help the poor buy whatever goods they need. What is the ruling of Sharia on this initiative? • Read More
Ruling on Disposing of Confiscated Funds Raised for the Poor and Needy The inspection teams of the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places confiscate funds which are raised in favour of the poor and needy by some individuals and charities because they have violated the Ministry`s laws and regulations in this regard. The confiscated funds are usually transferred to one of its directorates. How should they be disposed of according to Sharia? • Read More
Ruling on Deducting from Donations for Administrators of Charitable Societies Is it permissible for the administrators of a charitable society to take a percentage from the donations? • Read More
Ruling on Giving Voluntary Charity for a Worldly Benefit What is the ruling on giving a continuous voluntary charity with a certain intention, such as success in obtaining a degree, recovery of a patient, increase in wealth, and is the Prophet`s Hadith in which he urges Muslims to give charity so as to be favored with provisions from Allah correct? • Read More
Paying Zakaat with the Intention of Zakaat and Sadaqa is not Permissible What is the ruling on Paying Zakaat with the intention of Zakaat and Sadaqa? • Read More
Intention and Condition of Charity Giver should be Observed Is it permissible for Tkiyet Um Ali to distribute food parcels on poor families a day or two before the start of the blessed month of Ramadan and collect the cost of these parcels from charities/donations, whichare given during Ramadan, where the intention of the givers is to provide food to such families throughout this holy month? • Read More
Donations should be Distributed According to the Intention and Condition of the Donor

Is the committee of the Mosque permitted to pay the cost of taxicab (the cost of using transportation while collecting donations) out of the donations which are intended for the Mosque?

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Giving Charity to the Poor Takes Precedence over Performing Voluntary Hajj and Umrah

Which is better: performing voluntary Hajj or helping the poor and needy?

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Donations are Distributed in accordance to Donor’s Conditions and their Exact Purpose

Am I permitted to use the donations given to the Mosque in building a residence for the Imam or a well instead since some of the donors specify their donations’ expenditures .i.e. by saying:” This amount should be allocated to build a well or for buying carpets for the mosque”. Are we permitted to use this amount for another purpose regarding the same Mosque?

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Ruling on Donating with Ill-Gotten Money for the Mosque’s Interest

What is the ruling on making a donation for a Mosque out of Hookah tobacco factory?

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Is it permissible for the guardian to give Sadaqa( voluntary charity )from the money of the orphans? • Read More
Which Charity is Best? Which charity is best: providing cold water through water coolers, distributing copies of the Noble Quran, being guardian of an orphan, or something else? • Read More
Associating Muslims in the Reward of a Good Deed is Valid Is it permissible when I make the intention of giving charity to associate Muslims in the reward along with myself ? • Read More
Ruling on Giving Charity on Behalf of the Living Is it permissible for me to give a sum of money as a voluntary charity on behalf of my parents who are alive? • Read More