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Islamic Ruling on Reporting Corruption Cases Citizen Witnesses or is Subjected to

What is the ruling of Sharia on reporting corruption cases citizen witnesses or is subjected to? Moreover, what is the duty of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission towards citizens reporting such cases?

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Islamic Ruling on Taking Pictures of a Dying Person

What is the ruling of Sharia on taking pictures of a dying person?

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Hate Speech from the Islamic Perspective

What is hate speech? What is the ruling of Sharia on it? What solutions does Sharia propose to counter it?

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Ruling of Sharia on Insulting others

What is the ruling of Sharia on insulting others?

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Lawful Methods of Criticism Guaranteed by Islam

What are the lawful methods of criticism guaranteed by Islam?

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Limits of Brother`s Guardianship over his Sister

My father passed away and I`m currently living with my mother. However, my brother wants to have total control over me and demands absolute obedience under the excuse that Sharia mandates such thing. This is in addition to his abusing me physically and verbally. Am I obliged to obey him?

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It is Unlawful to Circulate Frightening Videos, even Jokingly

Some videos are circulating on social media where, at the beginning of a video, a certain topic is suggested for discussion to attract one`s attention. However, at the end of the video something frightening appears suddenly. Although this is done as a joke, it is really frightening, and wuld such video be seen by a pregnant woman, someone with heart condition or an old man it would have serious consequences: death, stroke or harm. Could your Grace issue a fatwa prohibiting circulating such videos?

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Funeral Prayer and Condolences in Light of Precautionary Measures

In light of the latest precautionary measures adopted by the government, how should funeral prayer be performed? What is the ruling of Sharia on receiving mourners at funeral homes, attending burials, and having weddings?

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Installing Production Lines and Machines of Different Products

We are a company specialized in installing production lines and machines that manufacture Pepsi and Cola cans, but sometimes they are used to produce cans of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Not long ago, we installed such machines, excluding the printing system, which determines the nature of the drink inside these cans, to a company that wanted to raise its production capacity. At present, we have nothing to do with that printing system. However, we will be asked in the future to install a printing system along with the production line. What is the ruling of Sharia on this knowing that that factory uses these lines and machines for producing cans of alcoholic drinks and other?

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: It is Imperative that Social Media Users be Honest and Trustful

What is the ruling of Sharia on speaking ill of chaste believing women via social media and inciting others to do so?

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Islamic Ruling on Covering Costs of Umrah Trips from Company`s "Fines Fund"

The company where we work established what it called "fines fund" where certain amounts are deducted from staff salaries as penalty for violating the company`s by-laws, such as absence from work, coming late and safety abuses. The money is used for the social welfare of the staff members in line with what the committee in charge of the Fund sees fit. Some members suggested initiating Umrah trips, but some argued that the money in the Fund could have been taken unjustly since the fee of three days is deducted against absence for one day and some employees are fined for violating safety measures while others aren’t. In light of this, what is the ruling of Sharia on initiating these trips from the money deposited in this Fund?

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Ruling on Creating an Engineering Design for a Conventional Bank

What is the ruling on creating an engineering design for the facade of a conventional bank?

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: It is Permissible to Install Doors for Non-Islamic Banks

I work for door company. Is selling doors to non-Islamic banks permissible?

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Informing about Water Leakage is a Social Responsibility and a Collective Duty

What is the ruling on informing the concerned authorities about water leakage in public places?

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It is Obligatory to Avoid Cheating and Using Illegal Methods in Elections

What is the ruling on buying votes? And what`s the ruling on the voter who took an oath on the Quran, in return for money, to vote for a certain candidate? And is he/she obliged not to break that oath?

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