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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Pillars of marriage

It isn`t permissible for the Father to Refuse Eligible Suitors for his Daughter

Is it permissible for the father to prevent his daughter from marrying an eligible suitor for no valid reason?

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The Grandfather can't Act as the Guardian of his Granddaughter while her Father is Present

Can the grandfather act as the guardian(Wali) of his granddaughter although her father is alive?

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Ruling on the Marriage of the Person Sentenced to Death

What is the ruling of Sharia on the marriage of the person sentenced to death?

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Ruling on Unregistered Marriage

I`m a married young man. I fell in love with a widow and proposed to her but her family refused because they feared that this would have an adverse impact on the future of her children. However, we entered into unregistered marriage and told my family and even my wife about it. I`m a person who fears Allah, The Almighty and want to clear myself from any liability before Him, The Exalted. What should I do?

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Ruling on Unregistered Marriage in Jordan

What is the ruling of Sharia on unregistered marriage in Jordan?

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Marriage without the Consent of the Guardian and the Presence of two Honorable Witnesses is Void

What is the ruling of Sharia on the marriage in which a grown up woman says to a grown up man "I give myself in marriage to you for a dower of so and so" and the man replies "I accept"; without the consent of the woman`s guardian or the presence of two honorable witnesses?

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Marriage Contract is Valid if Concluded by a Muslim Judge

A man proposed to me while I was working in one of the Arab countries. Having work engagements, I couldn`t go to my home country, so he went to my father and they agreed on everything. Thus, my father managed to issue a marriage by proxy certificate in my name. Nevertheless, the marriage didn`t take place for reasons I am not at liberty to tell. Later on, another man proposed to me and since I feared falling into Zina we got married using that same certificate and we lived together as man and wife for several months. We left to my country, he met my father and asked for my hand in marriage, and they agreed on everything. This had actually happened several years ago and now we have five children. It is worth pointing that I got pregnant before informing my family about my marriage. Is our marriage valid? In addition, is my first daughter a legitimate child?

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