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Ruling on Surgeries that Involve Breaking Obligatory Fast

We are a medical team that does a large number of surgeries all-year. As a result, we can`t delay the already scheduled surgeries, which are more than a thousand, till after Ramadan under the excuse that patients are observing fast. In most scheduled cases, patients are forced to break their fast for a day or two until they return to normal. However, there is a new surgical procedure that we perform on patients suffering from "excessive obesity" where they are forced to break their fast and follow a diet for a minimum of three weeks. Is it permissible to perform this procedure in Ramadan?

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When to Pay the Fidyah Due on the ill Who is Unable to Fast

Is it permissible to advance the payment of the Fidyah (compensation for not fasting)due on an old person who is unable to fast, or should it be paid day by day?

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Ruling on Observing Fast during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Is it permissible for the pregnant and the breastfeeding women to break their fast because of hardship, and what is incumbent on them in this case ?

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One who is Inflicted with an Incurable Disease is Obliged to Pay a Ransom

I can`t fast because of being inflicted with an incurable disease, I haven`t observed fasting since 1993, what is the expiation due on me?

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Guardian is Exempted from Paying Fasting Ransom on Behalf of the Mentally Handicapped

Is the guardian obliged to pay the fasting ransom on behalf of the mentally handicapped who has passed puberty?

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Ruling on Excusing Manual Laborers from Fasting

What`s the ruling on the fasting of manual laborers?

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What is the ruling on a person who isn`t able to fast due to old age, or an incurable disease ? ? Read More
What should a woman who delayed making up for missed fast, due to menstruation, till the start of the next Ramadhaan ? ? Read More
What is the expiation for breaking fast due to being on a journey, or being sick, or being in a state of menstruation? ? Read More
Is it permissible to make up for the missed fasts of the deceased? ? Read More
Is it permissible for me to make up for my late father`s missed fasts, and should I make an intention to this end by saying: “I intend to make up for my late father`s missed fasts .” ? Read More
What should a person, who delayed making up missed fasts of last Ramadhaan due to the continuance of the same excuse, do? ? Read More
Is it permissible to fast on behalf of the dead who died owing missed fast to make up ? ? Read More
The Ransom for the Unable to Fast due to Illness and Already had Missed Fasts

What should a sick person, who is incapable of fasting, and who didn`t make up for missed fasting days, do?

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Should a pregnant woman who broke fast because of pregnancy make it up, and is a ransom due on her? ? Read More