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Ruling on Intending an Act of Worship along with the Aim of Obtaining a Worldly Benefit

Some boxers fast to lose weight so as to fight in a lighter- weight class and they combine this aim with the intention of doing this act of worship. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on a Sick Person who is Unable to Fast

My mother is seventy years old. Five years ago, she became diabetic. However, she observes fast and offers night prayers comfortably. A year ago, she underwent gastrectomy, so physicians recommended that she have 7-9 meals throughout the day. They even stressed that her doing so is of extreme importance to her health. What is the ruling on her fasting during Ramadan?

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Ruling on Ramadan Moon Sighting Differences

What is the ruling on Ramadan moon sighting differences amongst the scholars where some say that each country has its own moon sighting while others say that all Islamic countries have the same moon sighting?

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Wife is Allowed to Observe Voluntary Prayer without Husband`s Permission

Should the wife seek husband's permission to observe voluntary prayer as she does in voluntary fast? Or this is limited to the latter?

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Some Rulings on Intention in Prayer and Fasting

How to have a Valid Intention in Prayer and Fasting?

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Fasting is Incumbent on the Old who is Capable of it.

Is there a room for Ijtihad (juristic opinion on a matter on which there is no explicit text from the Quran or the Sunnah) in Islam to review the permissibility of exempting a Muslim from fasting once he becomes sixty years old?

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Breaking Fast Due to Travel

Is it permissible for the person who wants to travel from the United Arab Emirates to Jordan during the day in Ramadan to break his fast before leaving his country; knowing that he had embarked on journey half an hour after dawn?

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A woman used contraceptive pills, and her menses exceeded(15) days, is it permissible for her to fast? ? Read More
Is it permissible for a woman who is in her confinement to fast upon seeing blood signs that are neither black, nor red ? ? Read More
What should a woman who is in a state of menstruation, or confinement do if she became ritually pure during the day of Ramadhaan ? ? Read More
Who is required to fast? ? Read More
Are minors(persons under the age of puberty) obliged to fast? ? Read More
Is it permissible to delay menses by using medication in order to fast Ramadhaan? ? Read More
What is the ruling on a person who broke the fast of one day in Ramadhaan because of hardship ? ? Read More
What should one who made an intention, at night, to make up for a missed fasting day, but broke his fast on the next day? ? Read More