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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Shortening and Combining of Prayers

Islamic Ruling on Combining two Prayers due to the Nature of Work

Is it allowed for a doctor who is performing a surgical operation that lasts for several hours to combine two prayers?

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Combining two Prayers is a Concession if Conditions are Met

Which ruling comes first: Combining prayers during rain or offering each prayer at its prescribed time?

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Ruling on Following the Imam when Joining Prayers because of Rain

Should the Imam be followed when joining prayers because of rain or this isn`t allowed for the praying person who doesn`t meet the conditions and rules of this concession?

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Is Joining Prayers because of Rain from Sunnah?

Is joining prayers because of rain from Sunnah?

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Ruling on Combining Maghrib and `Isha` because of the Curfew

Is it permissible to combine Maghrib and `Isha` because of the curfew?

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Combining the Jumu`ah and `Asr Prayers Due to Corona Virus Curfew

Is it permissible to combine Jumu`ah (i.e. Friday) and `Asr prayers due to the corona virus curfew?

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Combining Duhr and Asr Prayers due to Rain

Is it permissible to combine Duhr (Noon prayer) and Asr (Afternoon prayer) due to rain? And is combining them due to cold, snow or heavy rain permissible?

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Performing Prayers in Sequence when Making Delayed Combination is Recommended

If I`m making Jam` Ta`khir {Delayed combination} of Thuhr and `Asr, what is the ruling on offering them in sequence?

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Ruling on Combining Prayers because of Wind, Mud and Dust

Is it permissible to combine prayers in the mosque because of heavy dust, mud, and wind, similar to rain, knowing that dust could be more harmful than rain?

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Ruling on Joining two Prayers because of Sickness

What is the ruling on joining Zuhr and `Asr, and Maghrib and Isha` because of sickness?

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Estimating the Distance for Shortening Prayers in Light of the Shafie Madhab

According to Shafie jurists, the distance which permits a traveler to shorten prayer is (48 miles), and a mile is about (6000 cubits). Therefore, how many kilometers is the cubit and the mile according to the reliable position of the Shafie jurists?

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Ruling on Using the Concessions Granted to a Picnic Traveler

The Shafite scholars state that whoever travels merely for seeing countries and cruising across them isn`t allowed to use the concessions granted to a traveler; whereas, whoever travels for a valid reason, such as picnicking, is allowed to use them. What is the difference between travelling for tourism, cruising across countries, and travelling for picnicking ?

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Is it Valid to Join two Prayers with a Different Imam for each?

In the Masjid where I pray, the Imam decided to join Maghrib and Isha` because of rain. However, after he had delivered the final Tasleem of Maghrib prayer, he passed out. Is it permissible that another Imam leads Isha` prayer?

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Is the Person who Owns two Houses Permitted to Shorten and Combine Prayers?

I have two houses. One in Amman and one in Irbid. In fact, I`m settled in the one in Amman, but sometimes I spent the weekends and the holidays in the one in Irbid. Am I permitted, while in Irbid, to combine and shorten prayers?

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Incessancy is a Condition for Combining two Prayers

While combining prayers, is it permissible for a person to leave the Masjid to run an errand, after performing Duhr (Noon) for instance, and return afterwards to catch the second Rakah of Asr (Afternoon) prayer?

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