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Is the Blood Discharged after a Miscarriage Nifaas?

I had a miscarriage after eight weeks of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the embryo had neither grown in size nor had a pulse since the sixth week. Is the blood discharged after the miscarriage considered Nifaas(post-partum bleeding)?

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Ruling on Hastening Menstruation Period during Iddah

Is it permissible for a woman to hasten her menstruation period during Iddah (waiting period), and what is the shortest interval of purity in-between two menstruation periods ?

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Ruling on Fluid that Comes out of a Woman Does the fluid that comes out of a woman when she thinks about sexual intercourse require Ghusl or it suffices that she makes ablution? ? Read More
When Bleeding Exceeds fifteen Days, a Woman should Rely on Quantity and Timing of Old Menses

On the ninth of Ramadan, I noticed brownish discharges. After examination, the doctor told me that I have a cyst and prescribed me pills to take over twenty days. These discharges continued until the seventeenth of Ramadan, then stopped although it was time for my monthly period, which didn`t come because of the pills. On the twenty-fourth of Ramadan, the same discharges came and continued. What`s due on me? And should I make up for the fasting days during which these brownish discharges came?

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Istihadah is Treated by Material Means I have had Istihadah for so long. I paid a visit to the doctor and she told me that it is because I have a cyst in my womb. However, I heard that it has no organic cause. Rather, it is a strike from Satan. Could you clarify the true cause of Istihadah and whether it should be medically treated or by Quran? ? Read More
Minimum Time of Menstruation-Intermittent or Constant-is Twenty Four Hours Bleeding started at dawn of a Ramadan day, so I broke fast. However, during daytime, I noticed only regular discharges, as is in clean days. Is such day part of Haid(Menstruation)? ? Read More
Ruling and Expiation for having Intercourse with Wife during Menstruation

What is the ruling on having intercourse with one`s wife-intentionally or unintentionally-when she is menstruating? Should she make Janabah Ghusl (Ghusl after intercourse) in addition to Menustration Ghusl (Ghusl after menses)?

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A Woman may Listen to Quran during Menses and Janabah

Is it permissiblefor a woman to listen to Quran via radio, television…etc.during menses?

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A Woman in Menstruation is Permitted to Recite as Dhikr Verses from Memory

Is it permissible for a woman in menstruation to recite short verses from memory as Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah) before she goes to sleep?

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Stoppage and Continuation of Post-Natal Bleeding prior to sixty Days

After three months of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. What is the ruling on performing prayers and sleeping with husband after the stoppage of blood and its resumption three days later?

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Is a person who is in a state of Janabah( major ritual impurity due to having a marital intercourse, ejaculation, menstruation, and post-delivery impurities) sinful if he/she goes about his/her daily life activities in that state i.e. without making Ghusl( ritual bath ) ? ? Read More
Nifaas Begins after Delivering the First Twin and the Blood between Deliveries is also Nifaas If a woman had delivered her first twin and six months later, she delivered her second, and there was bleeding after both deliveries. What is the ruling onthat bleeding? Is it Nifaas(Postpartum bleeding) in both cases? ? Read More
Taking Pills to Delay Menses in order to Carry out Religious Duties is Permissible

What`s the ruling on women taking pills to delay menses in order to fast the whole month of Ramadan?

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A Pregnant Woman doesn`t Menstruate

What is the ruling on the blood that a woman sees during her pregnancy? Should she stop praying or not?

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Upon Stoppage of Postpartum Bleeding, a Woman should pray and Fast even before the End of Forty Days

I`m pregnant and Insha`Allah I will deliver before the month of Ramadan. If postpartum bleeding stops before the end of forty days, is it permissible that I observe fast?

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