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Is the Blood Discharged after a Miscarriage Nifaas?

I had a miscarriage after eight weeks of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the embryo had neither grown in size nor had a pulse since the sixth week. Is the blood discharged after the miscarriage considered Nifaas(post-partum bleeding)?

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Ruling on Hastening Menstruation Period during Iddah

Is it permissible for a woman to hasten her menstruation period during Iddah (waiting period), and what is the shortest interval of purity in-between two menstruation periods ?

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Ruling on Fluid that Comes out of a Woman Does the fluid that comes out of a woman when she thinks about sexual intercourse require Ghusl or it suffices that she makes ablution? ? Read More
When Bleeding Exceeds fifteen Days, a Woman should Rely on Quantity and Timing of Old Menses

On the ninth of Ramadan, I noticed brownish discharges. After examination, the doctor told me that I have a cyst and prescribed me pills to take over twenty days. These discharges continued until the seventeenth of Ramadan, then stopped although it was time for my monthly period, which didn`t come because of the pills. On the twenty-fourth of Ramadan, the same discharges came and continued. What`s due on me? And should I make up for the fasting days during which these brownish discharges came?

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In Principle, A Woman is Ritually Pure Unless Proven Otherwise

After I had prayed, I found a drop of menstrual blood and was unsure when that happened; what is the ruling on my prayer and fast?

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Istihadah is Treated by Material Means I have had Istihadah for so long. I paid a visit to the doctor and she told me that it is because I have a cyst in my womb. However, I heard that it has no organic cause. Rather, it is a strike from Satan. Could you clarify the true cause of Istihadah and whether it should be medically treated or by Quran? ? Read More
Minimum Time of Menstruation-Intermittent or Constant-is Twenty Four Hours Bleeding started at dawn of a Ramadan day, so I broke fast. However, during daytime, I noticed only regular discharges, as is in clean days. Is such day part of Haid(Menstruation)? ? Read More
Ruling and Expiation for having Intercourse with Wife during Menstruation

What is the ruling on having intercourse with one`s wife-intentionally or unintentionally-when she is menstruating? Should she make Janabah Ghusl (Ghusl after intercourse) in addition to Menustration Ghusl (Ghusl after menses)?

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A Woman may Listen to Quran during Menses and Janabah

Is it permissiblefor a woman to listen to Quran via radio, television…etc.during menses?

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A Woman in Menstruation is Permitted to Recite as Dhikr Verses from Memory

Is it permissible for a woman in menstruation to recite short verses from memory as Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah) before she goes to sleep?

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Stoppage and Continuation of Post-Natal Bleeding prior to sixty Days

After three months of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. What is the ruling on performing prayers and sleeping with husband after the stoppage of blood and its resumption three days later?

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Is a person who is in a state of Janabah( major ritual impurity due to having a marital intercourse, ejaculation, menstruation, and post-delivery impurities) sinful if he/she goes about his/her daily life activities in that state i.e. without making Ghusl( ritual bath ) ? ? Read More
Question: Does the date for menstrual menses change, and how is the increase calculated ? ? Read More
What is the ruling when the monthly period exceeds (15) days ? ? Read More
What is the ruling when the duration of the monthly period varies, and sporadically increases ? ? Read More