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Ruling on Imposing a Financial Penalty on the one who Embezzled Money
An employee working for the financial department of the syndicate has embezzled a certain amount of money and wants to give it back, in addition to other expenses. Is it permissible to impose a 9%  increase from the embezzled sum?
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Banning Firing Guns into the Air in Celebration is a Means of Protecting Life and Wealth

What is the ruling of Sharia on firing guns into the air during celebrations and the like?

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Ruling on Woman`s Participation in Paying Diyah

Is the woman required to participate, along with the `aaqilah of the killer, in paying the Diyah of unintentional killing?

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Ruling on Causing Traffic Accidents

I have parked my vehicle on the roadway side of a vehicle already stopped {Double-parking}. As a child was crossing the road from behind my car, he was run-over by a bus, because my car has blocked the driver`s vision. Am I liable for anything?

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Diyah and Kafaarah are Due on Person Initiating or Causing Someone`s Death

I am a pool supervisor, and one day a swimmer died in that pool. The court decided that I wasn`t guilty, because the death resulted from the victim hitting his head against the pool`s floor, and not drowning. What am I liable for in terms of the Diyah(Blood-Money) and Kafaarah(Expiation)?

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Driver`s Negligence or non-Negligence is Determined by Traffic Sketch

I had a car accident; but according to the traffic sketch, it was not my fault, so I was exonerated by court. However, the accident had led to someone`s death. What is the ruling on this? Am I liable for Diya (Blood money) or expiation?

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Ruling on Concealing Pregnancy from Doctor Leading to Abortion

My mother was five-months pregnant. One day, she had colon problems and so we called the doctor. He did ask her about being pregnant or not, but she said that she wasn`t, so he gave her three injections. At dawn, she had a miscarriage. What is she liable for from an Islamic perspective?

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No Liability on Driver if he didn`t Cause someone`s Death

A traffic accident has led to the death of a person, but, according to the accident report, it wasn`t the driver`s fault. What is the ruling of Sharia in this situation?

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Ruling on Paying Diyah from Zakat Fund of Killer`s Family

As a family, we share a Zakat fund, and one day, a member caused a traffic accident which led to the death of two individuals. The families of the killed demanded fifty thousand Dinars as Diyah (blood money). Is it permissible to pay that Diyah from the money of the killer`s family`s Zakat fund?

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Judging a Muslim as Disbeliever Requires Certainty

As we kept an eye on the actions of our brother, who lived in Australia for forty years and knew nothing about Islam, we concluded that he was a Buddhist. If we suppose that he was as such, and he passed away, how should we go about his funeral and condolence?

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Ruling on the Person who Kills another by Violating Traffic Rules

When a driver runs a red light, exceeds the speed limit, or drives recklessly and so kills someone, is it considered deliberate murder?

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In Car Accidents, Diya Multiplies According to the Number of the Dead

I work as a bus driver and I had a car accident whereas 5 people were killed as a result of the crash. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? And am I obliged to pay the expiation of killing?

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Killing someone by a celebration Bullet Obligates Diya and Expiation

If someone has discharged a gun, in celebration, while knowing that a bullet will come down as hard as it was fired, and it did hit someone and killed him/her; is it considered intentional killing?

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It is Permissible to Take a Compensation Against the Harm Resulting from Negligence

In Europe, it is allowed for a woman to undergo a diagnosis for her embryo during the first months of pregnancy to check whether it has Down`s Syndrome, or not. Actually, a woman gave birth to a baby that has been diagnosed with Down`s Syndrome, so she filed a lawsuit against the hospital for not running that test in the early stages of her pregnancy. As a result, the court ruled that she gets a certain amount of money as a compensation. Is it permissible for her to take that money?

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The Driver Causing the Accident is the Guarantor

A driver had an accident because his car was hit by a water tank-truck whose driver made a sudden turn to another lane. His car was forced to get to the other side of the road , and struck a second car. As a result , a child-in the second car-was killed and those with him were injured. Who is to pay the Diya (blood money) of the child, taking into consideration that the traffic report held the water tank-truck driver responsible ?

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