Statement on the Anniversary of Amman Bombings
Author : The General Iftaa` Department
Date Added : 23-05-2023

Statement on the Anniversary of Amman Bombings


At this time every year, Jordanians recall the bombing of three hotels in the city of Amman in 2005 by a group of terrorists who carry extreme thought. This cowardly act led to the death of a group of innocent citizens.


We, Iftaa` Department, ask Allah to accept those martyrs, admit them into paradise and grant their families patience and solace. We call on all citizens to hold on to the principles of national unity and unite against whoever attempts to tamper with the security and stability of Jordan and its people. We also call on condemning terrorist and extremist ideas since they don`t represent true Islam, are considered abnormal behavior, and alien to our society.


The Department also calls on supporting the army and the security forces to deter whoever tries to destabilize our security and stability.


We ask Almighty Allah to protect our country and keep it safe under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and that peace and stability prevail in all Muslim countries. And all perfect praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds. 

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