25 صفر 1441  ,  24 تشرين الأول 2019

All Fatawaas

Ruling on Revoking a Waiver Is it permissible for an heir to revoke a waiver after it has been concluded? • Read More
Heirs` Right to Trade`s Name and Mark is Inalienable My father who owned a famous commercial industrial company, which had a grand name and products in the market, passed away. As a result, the estate was divided among the heirs, but the femaleswere denied their sharein the value of the trade`s name and mark as well as the factory; contrary to the males. Do the females have the right to claim their share from the value of the trade`s name and mark, in addition to other brand names? • Read More
Denying Females Share in Inheritance is Consuming their Wealth Unjustly What`s the ruling on denying females share in inheritance? • Read More
Testator isn`t at Liberty to Gift Revenue of Heirs` Business A man, who owned a barber shop, bequeathed by will some of his wealth to a non-heir. Is the latter entitled to receive a share from the revenue of that shop similar to the heirs of the deceased? • Read More
Deceased`s Condition in Bequest should be Fulfilled Is it valid to bequeath a specific amount from one`s estate to be given as monthly payment over ten years? • Read More
Passed away while Indebted to a Usurious Bank My father passed away while he was indebted to a usurious bank; however, an insurance company paid it off. Does this make him free from the liability before Allah, knowing that some of his heirs were planning to pay it off because, in principle, it is unlawful and must be defrayed? • Read More
Is it Permissible to Make up for the Deceased`s Missed Prayer, Fast and Alms? My father passed away, but he didn`t use to pray, pay alms, nor fast, and he also kept his money as a deposit in a usurious bank. What should we do to make up for that? • Read More
Received Social Security Benefits although Subscribed with Unlawful Money What is the ruling of Sharia on receiving my late father`s social security benefits since he used to work for Jordan Tobacco and Cigarettes Manufacturing Company? • Read More
It is Forbidden that Heirs Conceal the Debts Liable on the Deceased Is it obligatory to reveal the debts for which the deceased is liable? • Read More
Ruling when a Son Builds over his Father`s Property Having obtained my father`s permission, I built a flat over his house. After I had lived in it for ten years, I leased it. Later on, my father passed away. What is my legal right as far as this flat is concerned, knowing that my brothers and sisters are minors? • Read More
Bequeathing a Third of the Estate to the Poor Excludes the Heirs My mother bequeathed one-third of her estate to the poor and needy, and since some of her heirs are poor and needy, is it permissible to distribute this third on them? • Read More
Ruling on the Bequest that Contradicts the Provisions of Sharia Is it permissible to execute a bequest that contradicts the provisions of Sharia, and does a son have the right to ask his father to divide his estate among heirs while alive? • Read More
Framing of (Ottoman) or (Miri)Transitional Inheritance The Lands Department used to apply the Ottoman land law with regard to transitional inheritance(the passing of the estate from the deceased to the heirs) whereby a female used to receive a share equal to that of a male until a certain date. After that particular date, it applied the Islamic land law whereby a male received twice the amount of a female. Is it permissible for a lady to collect her share of inheritance in accordance with the Ottoman land law ? and is it permissible for her to pay the expenses of the inheritance paperwork from the difference between her share according to the Ottoman land law and that according to the Islamic land law ? • Read More
A Bequest that Violates the Rules of Sharia mustn't be Executed Before passing away, my father bequeathed dividing his estate among his heirs equally including his dead daughter, provided that her share be given to her son once he becomes twenty one. What is the ruling of Sharia on executing this bequest? • Read More