25 صفر 1441  ,  24 تشرين الأول 2019

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Conditions of a Sacrifice Offered in Fulfillment of a Vow Should the vowed sacrifice have the same conditions of the sacrificial animal (Udhyah)? • Read More
Ruling on Giving the Value of Expiatory Gifts to one Person Is it permissible to give the food, grain or cash of 60 Masakeen (poor persons) to one man, even if the latter is a relative? • Read More
Ruling on Replacing the Vowed Object I have vowed to buy a water cooler for the mosque. Is it permissible that I buy a water filter instead as the mosque is in need for it? • Read More
A Vow to do Something Permissible isn`t Considered Effective I have vowed to kiss my son`s head and feet if he got a certain average. Thanks to Allah, he got it, so I kissed his head, but he prevented me from kissing his feet. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Vowed to Fast a Particular Month but Missed one Day I vowed to fast the whole month of Rajab, and I did so, but one day I drank water during the call for dawn prayer. Should I make up for that day, or for the whole month? • Read More
Vowing to Fulfill a Permissible Act isn't an Obligation I vowed to name my child the same name that my friend have as a compliment and the vow manner was:" I vow to name my second child the same name that my friend uses (Ahmad) and if I didn't then I will fast for two consecutive months." Nowadays, I am no longer friend with Ahmad and I can't fulfill my vow, so what shall I do as regard fasting? • Read More
Performing a Vow isn`t Bound by a Place unless Specified I have lent a sum of money to my colleague, but she delayed paying it; therefore, I vowed to sacrifice a sheep for Allah`s sake if I got my money back. One day, she paid me that sum, but when I asked about the price of the sheep, I found that it was equal to the sum that I had lent to her. Should I fulfill my vow regardless of the sheep`s price and my living conditions, or what should I do? • Read More
Oaths Driven by Obsessive Whispering Entail no Expiation Although Allah, The Almighty, has cured me from obsessive whispering(Waswasah), I keep swearing by Allah not to re-perform ablution and prayer, but I do. Am I accountable for this? • Read More
Ruling on Combining Different Things in One Oath I have made an oath to do different things, then I did one of them, is an expiation incumbent on me? • Read More
Ruling on Swearing by the Prophet Unintentionally What is the ruling on swearing by the Prophet unintentionally ? • Read More
A Vow Takes Place if Made in a Binding Statement After his son`s recovery from illness, a man said:" I will slaughter a sheep to drive away affliction."Is this considered a vow?, and is it permissible for that man and his family to eat from the meat of that animal? • Read More
Repetition of an Oath on the Same Matter A quarrel occurred between me and my friend, so I swore not to see him for a specific period of time. However, I couldn`t keep my oath many a time. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Eating from a Vowed Animal Sacrifice I vowed to slaughter two sheep. Am I permitted to eat from them? • Read More
Wife isn`t Permitted to Accuse Husband of Lying without Evidence Is it permissible for a wife not to believe her husband after he swears by the Noble Quran? • Read More
It is Permissible to Give the Value of a Vow in Cash A year ago, I vowed to feed sixty poor persons or clothe them if Allah, The Almighty, blessed me with pregnancy. Is it permissible to pay the value of that vow in cash?, and what is the value of the feeding and the clothing? • Read More