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All Fatawaas

Taking Part in a Competition Depends on how it is Run

I have participated in a national competition by buying a copy of the questions against quarter a JD, which goes for supporting and rehabilitating the disabled persons. Having answered the questions correctly, my name was included in the prize drawing coupons. Fortunately, I was amongst the winners. Is it permissible that I take that prize, knowing that it is a donation made by sponsors and not from the price of the questions` copies?

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Ruling on Playing Games Based on Luck & Guessing What is the ruling on playing with dice for amusement (e.g. snakes and ladders) without gambling or getting distracted from prayers and other acts of worship? • Read More
Ruling on Contests Via Mobile Phones I own a housing corporation and I want to advertise apartments for sale by conducting a mobile phone contest in collaboration with a telecommunications company. Participants are required to send messages that cost more than usual. One prize is a car, but the grand prize is an apartment. Is this permissible? • Read More
Ruling on Selling Video Games' Accounts

Is selling the account of a video game permissible? Although it is a warfare game that requires military tactics and kind of wisdom yet, if the account was strong, it is possible to sell it with a high price. 

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Sleight-of-Hand Tricks and Illusions aren`t from Prohibited Magic What is the ruling of Sharia on working as a performer of sleight-of-hand tricks and illusions? • Read More
Ruling on Participating in a Competition Via SMS As part of its service package, one of the telecommunication companies has organized a competition via SMS, where I received many questions and managed to answer them correctly. Later on, I was informed that I won a car. Is it permissible for me to take it? • Read More
In Principle, Video Games are Permissible

I have video games store. Is the rental of PS video games permissible?

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Ruling on the Rewards Attained in Return of Participating in Contests through Sending SMS

What is the ruling on taking part in the contests via sending SMS in which the cost of the message is higher than the cost of sending usual text message, in return only one participant will have the reward which won’t be financial one? 

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Ruling on the Rewards Attained in Athletic Participation

We are a group of people who are committed in performing the 5 daily prayers in the Mosque and we make a periodic activity each summer for the purpose of having fun, in which every Mosque in the area forms his own soccer team and pays 10Jd at the beginning of the league. At the end of the league, the collected sum is given to the winning team. What is the ruling on taking this reward?

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Ruling on Prizes Given on Match Tickets

What is the ruling of Sharia on issuing match tickets whose revenue goes to the Jordan Olympic Committee? This is knowing that the tickets include cash and in kind prizes and sold for different prices.

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Ruling on Leasing a Hall for Opening a Pool Hall

I have a hall that intended to be a weddings hall but I didn’t manage to have it licensed. Thus, I intended to lease it to whosoever as a pool hall. Am I permitted to do so according to Sharia perspective? It is worth mentioning, that I will condition in the lease contract that the leasee isn’t permitted to commit any violation contrary to the Sharia teachings and the civil law?

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