Some Rulings of Iddah

Ruling on Divorced Woman Staying at Marital Home after Expiry of Iddah

 Ruling on Leaving Husband`s House during Iddah

*  Ruling on Hastening Menstruation Period during Iddah

Making Divorce after Having Khilwa Entails Iddah

A Widow isn't Allowed to Travel for Hajj or Umrah during Iddah

*  The Religious Framing of a Woman's Alimony during Iddah

(Iddah (waiting period after divorce or death

*  Her Husband Died while she was Observing Iddah Following Revocable Divorce

* A Woman Observing Iddah due to Husband's Death isn't Permitted to Travel and Exceed the Distance

of Shortening Prayers

*  Divorced Wife is Obliged to Spend Iddah in Husband`s House

Making Marriage Proposal to Irrevocably Divorced Woman during Her Iddah Period

*  The Period of the Divorced Woman Iddah after being Engaged in a Sexual Intercourse

During Her Iddah, A Widow is Permitted to Get out for the Purpose of Accomplishing a Formal Application