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Fatwas and Posts of the General Iftaa' Dept. on Coronavirus

First: Resolutions of Iftaa' Board 


* Resolution No. (283):"Islamic Ruling on Washing the Person who Died from an Infectious Disease such as the one caused by Corona Virus"

* Resolution No.(284):"About Fasting Ramadan by Person Infected with Corona Virus " 

* Resolution No. (287): "Permissibility of Interest-Free Loans Provided by Islamic Banks"

* Resolution No. (293) ’’Ruling on Knowing about being Infected with COVID-19 as well a Cause of Transmitting It to Others’’


Second: Fatwas 

* Funeral Prayer and Condolences in Light of Precautionary Measures

* Islamic Ruling on Offering Dhikr and Du`aa in Congregation

* Islamic Ruling on Using Verses of Quran as Evidence on Corona Virus

* It is Permissible to Pay Zakah of Wealth before its Due Time

* Muslim’s Attitude in Times of Affliction and Islamic Creed`s Role in His Steadfastness

* The Jobless and the Unable to Afford Essentials are Eligible to Receive Zakah?

* Ruling on Mocking People Afflicted with a Disease

* Taking Covid-19 Test doesn`t Break one`s Fast during Ramadan

* People Exempted from Congregational Friday Prayer in Light of Corona Pandemic

* Ruling on Performing Dua` Qunoot in Prayers at this Time of Pandemic

* Combining the Jumu`ah and `Asr Prayers Due to Corona Virus Curfew

* Ruling on Combining Maghrib and `Isha` because of the Curfew


Third: Articles and Statments 

* The Pandemic Absolves a Person from Friday's Congregational Prayer