Date : 13-07-2009

Question :

Is it permissible for a woman to get a job in the private or public sector without husband's permission although he is wealthy? Is she considered recalcitrant?

The Answer :

The basic task for a woman is caring for children and upbringing them according to Sharia to create a virtuous and God-fearing generation.

If necessary, it is permissible for a woman to go out for work under the following conditions:

First: The work suits her physical and psychological nature and her field of specialty.

Second:  She doesn`t stay in private with non-Mahrams.

Third: She doesn`t intermingle with the opposite sex.

Fourth: She observes decency and the Islamic dress code.

Accordingly, it isn`t permissible for a woman to go out for work without husband`s permission and if she does so, then she is considered disobedient to Allah, recalcitrant, and not entitled to any provision from her husband.

However, even if the husband approves of her going out for work, he is allowed to change his mind later on and she must respect his decision because spouses` rights are mutual. In other words, a husband is obliged to provide for his wife and she is to remain in the house in fulfillment of his rights over her. 

However, if going out for work is stipulated in her marriage contract, but he bans her from that to inflict harm upon her, then she should go to Sharia court. And Allah the Almighty knows best.