Question :

Is it permissible for a woman in her menstrual period to recite from the Mus-haf( copy of the Quran ), or to recite by heart?

The Answer :

A menstruating woman is permitted neither to recite nor to touch the Quran according to what Ali Bin Abi Talib(May Allah be pleased with him) reported about the Prophet(PBUH) who was only held from reciting the Holy Quran by Janabah( Major impurity){Narrated by Al-Tirmizi in a sound Hadith}. Although Janabah and menstruation are major impurities, a menstruating woman is permitted to supplicate Allah(Duaa`) and make Zikr( Tasbihat ), even if these involved saying words from the Holy Quran, provided that she does not mean the words for themselves but as a supplication, or Zikr. Moreover, she is rewarded for not reciting the Quran during her menstrual period because she abided by the injunctions of Allah.