Date Added : 02-11-2015


Resolution No.(20) by the Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies:    

“Ruling on Choking Male Chicks“

Date: 6/7/1411 AH, 21/1/1991 AD


We have received the following question:
What is the ruling of Sharia on choking male chicks because rearing them in poultry farms is costly?
Answer: All success is due to Allah.
The Board believes that this act is forbidden in Sharia for the following reasons:
1- It is torturing animals, and Allah the Almighty has forbidden such a thing. Our Prophet (PBUH) said: “A woman entered the (Hell) Fire because of a cat which she had tied, neither giving it food nor setting it free to eat from the vermin of the earth.“ {Bukhari}.
2- It is killing an edible animal for a purpose other than eating, and this is forbidden as well. Our Prophet (PBUH) said {what means}: “Whoever kills a sparrow or a bird of bigger size for entertainment (not to eat it because of being hungry), Allah will call him to account on the Day of Resurrection. The companions asked: how? He said: he should have killed it, then ate it; not have cut off its head and thrown it away.” {An-Nassai}.
3- It is killing a tied or confined animal, and our Prophet (PBUH) has forbidden that as well.
Accordingly, the Board of Iftaa` recommends that all Muslims and people in charge stop such an act which involves torturing animals, and the same applies to similar acts committed against human beings. We hope that they would follow the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) who said in this regard: “Allah has written kindness on everything, so if you kill a person e.g. by Qisas (retribution) do it in a merciful manner, if you slaughter an animal, do it in a merciful manner as well; each of you should sharpen his knife to relieve his kill.“ {Muslim}.
It isn`t permissible to waste these chicks in that way, or slaughter them for a purpose other than eating, rather, they should be taken care of until they are sold even for a small profit since a Muslim should exert every effort to adhere to the Rulings of Allah The Almighty, and not to set making a profit as his sole target. And Allah The Almighty Knows Best.

                        Chairman of the Iftaa` Board, Chief Justice Mohammad Mohailan

                                                         The Grand Mufti of JordanIzz Addeen At-Tamimi                                                                Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khailani 

                         Dr. Ahmad Al-Qodat

                              Dr. Ahmad Hilayil         

                      Dr. Ratib Az-zahir

                            Dr. Mostafa Az-zarka

                                  Dr. Yaseen Daradkih       

                                     Dr. Abdulhaleem Ar-ramahi