Date Added : 16-06-2021

Resolution No. (305) (10/2021) "Pertaining to the Beneficiary from Compensation Payment out of Solidarity Fund"
Date (22/Shawal/1442AH), corresponding to (3/6/2021AD).



In its 8th meeting held on the above date, the Board of Iftaa` reviewed the letter No. (2560/2021) sent on (10/3/2021) from the Head of Jordanian Construction Contractors-Eng. Ahmad Yaqoob, it reads as follows:

It is incumbent upon a subscriber according to the regulations of social solidarity fund, to identify the beneficiary to receive the compensation payment in case of the former's death, as is the case with: "Mr. M.L, who is a subscriber in our fund whereas his son R.L was identified as the beneficiary entitled to receive the payment; unfortunately, the latter passed away, and after a short period of time and before updating the name of the new beneficiary, the father passed away as well on 27/10/2020. What is the ruling regarding the one who is entitled to receive the above payment  in this case?

After prolonged deliberations, the board decided what follows:

In principle, it is obligatory to abide by what was stated by the subscriber in the application side by side with the regulations of social solidarity fund system of Jordanian Construction Contractors; yet, due to the death of the beneficiary as mentioned above, dividing it among the heirs of the subscriber is an obligation in accordance to their shares as stipulated by the courts of Sharia. And Allah Knows Best.



Grand Mufti of Jordan, Sheikh Abdulkareem Al-Khasawneh

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh/ Member
Prof. Mahmoud Al-Sartawi/ Member
Dr. Majed Al-Darawsheh/ Member
Sheikh Sa`eid Hijjawi/ Member
Judge Dr. Samer Al-Kobbaj/ Member
Prof. Adam Nooah Al-Qhodah/ Member
Prof. Amjad Rasheed/ Member
Dr. Jameel Khatatbeh/ Member
Dr. Ahmad Al-Hasanat/ Member
Dr. Mohammad al-Zou`bi/ Member