Date Added : 04-11-2019

Resolution No.(282)(18/2019): "Islamic Ruling on Shooting a Scene in a Cemetery"

Date: 25/Safar/1441 AH, corresponding to 24/10/2019 AD.


Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.


On its tenth session held on the above date, the Board reviewed the letter(2/1/1/12580) sent from His Excellency the Secretary General of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places Mr. Abdullah Al-Abbadi, and it reads as follows:


In reference to the letter of the Director of Production Services at the Royal Film Commission concerning shooting a scene in a cemetery in Swaileh area, could Your Grace explain the ruling of Sharia on that?


After careful consideration, the Board decided what follows:


If the scene to be filmed in the cemetery is confined to visiting a grave and reciting Al-Fatihah there then there is nothing wrong with that so long as the rules of visiting graves are adhered to. And Allah the Almighty knows best.



Chairperson of Iftaa` Board,

Grand Mufti of Jordan,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh

Sheikh Abdulkareem Al-Khasawneh, Member

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hasanat, Member

Sheikh Sa`eid Al-Hijjawi, Member

Judge Khalid Woraikat, Member

Dr. Mohammad Al-Zou`bi, Member

Dr. Rashaad Al-Kelaani, Member

Dr. Majid Darawsheh, Member