22 صفر 1441  ,  21 تشرين الأول 2019

Fatawaa - Search Sections - Funerals

: Ruling on Moving a Dead Person Buried in Someone`s Land While on deathbed, my father requested that he is buried on a plot of land owned by his wife, so we did as he willed. After some time, we sold that land and the new owner constructed a residential building in it, so the grave drew closer to that building. Is it permissible that we move it to the Islamic Graveyard? • Read More
Ruling on Destroying Graves Located in Fosqiahs Is it permissible to destroy graves located in Fosqiahs(Underground Chambers), after full decay of bones, in order to make new ones -underground-in their place ? • Read More
Adding Layers of Dirt over Old Graves to Build New ones Is it permissible to add layers of dirt over old graves located in what is called " Fosqiahs"(underground chambers) after complete decomposition of corpses where the graves are completely covered with layers of dirt to build new ones over it? • Read More
Priority in Arranging Corpses towards Qibla in Funeral Prayer When there is more than one funeral, which corpse should face Qibla (Ka`ba) first? • Read More
Ruling on Exhuming Grave Adjacent to Street Is it permissible to move the corpse of my father, who died 49 years ago, because it is buried in a grave adjacent to the main street, and there is a chance that it goes inside the borders of that street in case it was widened by the municipality? • Read More
Ruling on Constructing Concrete Pavements in a Graveyard Is it permissible to construct concrete pavements in an endowed graveyard to avoid getting people`s feet muddy during the rainy season? • Read More
Agreeing on Reducing Expenses Related to Condoling a Muslim In Jordan, a number of clans have presented a unanimous proposal concerning the gatherings made for consoling a person who lost a relative in a bid to reduce expenses and confine the condolence period. What is the Islamic ruling in this regard? • Read More
It is Permissible to Offer the Absentee Funeral Prayer What is the ruling on offering the absentee funeral prayer although he was prayed on? • Read More
Judging a Muslim as Disbeliever Requires Certainty As we kept an eye on the actions of our brother, who lived in Australia for forty years and knew nothing about Islam, we concluded that he was a Buddhist. If we suppose that he was as such, and he passed away, how should we go about his funeral and condolence? • Read More
Ruling on Women Following Funeral Procession Is it permissible for a woman to follow the funeral procession? • Read More
Dedicating the Reward of a Good Deed to the Dead is Permissible What is the ruling on dedicating the reward of a good deed to the dead, such as giving the clothes of dead children to charity, and does that benefit them? • Read More
Ruling on Distributing Sweets at Places where Condolences are Offered What is the ruling on distibuting sweets in places where condolences are offered? And, what is the ruling when women gather in the house of the deceased on Thursday and bring sweets along? • Read More
Ruling on Exhuming the Grave if the Deceased wasn`t Facing the Qibla Should the grave of the deceased, who wasn`t placed towards the Qibla, be exhumed to turn him towards it? • Read More
Building the Grave of a Deceased Involves many Rulings What is the Sharia ruling on building the grave of a deceased person? • Read More